Drunk Sex: Let’s Talk About It

I’ll be honest… real honest…I love drunk sex. It is fun, hot and riveting.

I’ve experienced amazing orgasms and perform like a Pornhub pornstar when having sex while drunk. So it should be no surprise when I say I miss having drunk sex, terribly.

Until my sobriety, I never understood how much alcohol played a role in my love and sex life. I also didn’t realize how scary intimacy is. Getting close to someone (while sober) is terrifying, and after my first sober sex experience, I am avoiding it at all cost.

Sober sex, for me, is so damn uncomfortable. I cannot explain it but my therapists thinks I feel this way because I am uncomfortable in my own skin. Go figure!

Having sex while drunk allows me to become someone different. It allows me to forget about my past and hardships, and even though I miss it I won’t allow it to interfere with my sobriety. So, until I find someone who makes sex enjoyable while sober or until I accomplish the task of being comfortable in my own skin, I’ll be celibate.